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So many people want to know how to getthere OneTouch meter to work on a laptopcomputer so I'm going to drag mycomputer in here and we're going to takea peek at the device manager and in thedevice manager which I'll stick it downhere I have installed the port and yousee that it says prolific USB to serialcomport comm number four you need tokeep that in mindso when you open up the OneTouchsoftware bring it down go into thePreferences in general go into thecommunications port and don't have autoselect Auto search selected you want toselect from the drop down menu thecorrect port that you found when lookingat my computer and you just save thatcomplete and then you can go ahead anddownload low your meters settings and itwill look for the meter my particularmeter has to be turned on and it's foundit and it's reading itand that's it's showing that storingthem I'd already read the meter andthere you go so you can easily connectyour laptop computer to your OneTouchsoftware isn't that great